Active and Interactive Learning – Sharing Best Practices.

9.00-17.00, 17th November, Huddersfield

This FREE one day seminar is organised by the University of Huddersfield School of Computing and Engineering, and sponsored by the University of Huddersfield Institute of Teaching and Learning.

‘This exciting event aims to provide a platform for the sharing of innovation and effective current technology enhanced teaching, learning and research practices in education by considering how universities can inspire the next generation of professionals. The practitioners will have the opportunity to enhance their professional expertise by sharing their best practice approaches to design, implementation and evaluation of interactive learning environments which are based on the values of connection, collaboration and co-creation. Also the participants will have the chance to present their work drawing on personal experiences, international research, practical evidence and theoretical reflections and to obtain feedback from an interested community.’

For full details and to register, please contact Mrs Trish Moore – University of Huddersfield, Institute of Teaching and Learning, Tel  01484 471576, Email

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