JISC Legal e-Safety Webcast now available online

jisclegalThe JISC Legal webcast – Safeguarding: Meeting your e-Safety Duties – is now available to download online.

The webcast was designed to assist institutions to meet their legal duties and inspection needs in relation to safeguarding and e-security. It is broken down into 10 downloadable sections:

1. Introduction
2. The Legal Overview
3. Legal Liability
4. Liability Scenarios
5. Viewer’s Questions
6. Framing Your e-Safety Policy and Procedures Checklist
7. Building e-Safety Into Your Infrastructure
8. Policy and Infrastructure Scenarios
9. Viewer’s Questions and Panel Discussion
10. Conclusion

JISC Legal are also offering a prize in return for feedback!

Those who submit feedback will be entered into a draw to win a Nintendo DSi with the game ‘Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training’. The draw will occur on 17 March 2010.

Details of the prize draw and the webcast are on the JISC Legal website.

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